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iDeals vs Clinked Comparison Review

Many similar examples can be cited when it is important, on the one hand, to give access to documents, and on the other hand, to be sure that they will not leak, or the person who leaked such a leak will be found. That is why it is important to choose the best virtual data room provider.

The Advantages of Ideals Virtual Data Room in Comparison with Clinked VDR

In fact, iDeals virtual data room is perfect data storage in which joint work on documents is carried out and which provide services of a high level of information protection and allow you to exercise control over its processing, minimizing any risks of illegal use. So, what are the advantages of the iDeals virtual data rooms in comparison with other systems for working with documents:

  • Advanced protection system.
  • External financial and technical audits.
  • Implementation of a technical solution by an external company.
  • Joint projects of companies.
  • The process of mergers/acquisitions of companies.
  • There is a search function and the ability to determine who can access, change or comment on the content.
  • The user can access their data on their computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Is very practical if the customer is already using Gmail because they can store links in the data with one click on the drive symbol. With a maximum file size of 5 TB, there are probably very few users who might find it too small.

Besides, the iDeals virtual data room offers advanced security features that allow you to check data for malware, restrict viewing, use file encryption, apply watermarks, and use a multi-level permission system to access information. All this allows you to minimize the risk of its getting to third parties.

What Is Common in iDeals and Clinked Data Room Services?

iDeals and Clinked offer a standard set of tools, such as document viewing, downloading, sending to print, sharing, etc. Files inside virtual data rooms are protected by differentiating user rights, managing document lifetime, and event logging. But the question remains, how not only to be sure that information does not leak into the public domain, but also how to identify the culprit in the event of a leak.

When you or an organization with which you are associated (for example, your employer), contact us for legal or other services, we may collect certain personal information directly from you, your organization, and/or from public resources (for example, a company register). We may collect your personal information for marketing, business, and relationship purposes when you or your organization use iDeals or Clinked data room services:

  1. engages us or considers engaging us in providing legal advice or services;
  2. communicate with any of the employees;
  3. visit the premises;
  4. when you provide your Personal Data to through the website, write, contact in person, by phone, or otherwise;
  5. when you subscribe to or are interested in any of the information newsletters, or access any of our restricted content;
  6. when you attend or express interest in any of the events or seminars.

In addition, almost all services offer automatic file saving via cloud sync. If the same smartphone is synchronized and has a network connection, then all photos, videos, and other data will be automatically backed up to the data storage. In the future, they can also be easily opened, even if they are deleted from the internal memory of the device, or shown to someone, simply by sending a direct link.